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Como Formar Preguntas con Palabras Interrogativas

Descripción: Aprende como formar preguntas con
palabras interrogativas en inglés.


Palabras Interrogativas

Who - ¿Quién?
What - ¿Qué?
Where - ¿Dónde?
When - ¿Cuándo?
Why - ¿Por qué?
How - ¿Cómo?
- ¿Cuál?

Who is in the house?
Brenda is in the house.

What do they teach?
They teach English.


Reemplaza la palabra en negrita con una palabra
interrogativa y forma una pregunta.

1. Fred plays the piano.

    Who does play the piano? 

    Who plays the piano?

    Who does the piano play? 

2. Fred plays the piano.

    What plays the piano?

    What plays Fred? 

    What does Fred play? 

3. Pam works at the bank.

    Where does Pam work?

    Where Pam works?

    Where Pam does work?

4. It is a computer.

    What it is?

    What is it?

    What does is it?

5. The paper is in the desk.

    Where the paper is?

    Where is the paper?

    Where the paper does is?

6. We call Kim on the telephone.

    Who call we on the telephone?

    Who do we call on the telephone?

    Who call on the telephone?

7. Pablo studies English.

    Who study English?

    Who does study English?

    Who studies English?

8. He leaves for school at 8:00.

    When does he leave for school? 

    When he leaves for school?

    When leave he for school? 

9. The girls write stories.

    What write the girls? 

    What does the girls write?

    What do the girls write? 

10. Gail has a jacket on because she is cold.

    Why does Jill have a jacket on?

    Why Jill has a jacket on?.

    Why has Jill a jacket on?