Present Continuous

Description: Learn how to form verbs in the present continuous in English.


Video Transcript: The present continuous form describes something that is happening at this moment. To form the present continuous, you put the subject first, then the appropriate form of the verb to be, and the present participle (the -ing form of the verb) - He is sleeping. To make it negative, you just put the verb to be in its negative form - He isn't sleeping. To form a question, you put the verb to be first and then the subject - Is he sleeping? Yes, he is. Is he sleeping? No, he isn't. Are they reading? Yes, they are. Are they reading? No, they aren't.


I am sleeping.

He is sleeping.
She is sleeping.
It is sleeping.

They are sleeping.
You are sleeping.
We are sleeping.
I'm not sleeping.

He isn't sleeping.
She isn't sleeping.
It isn't sleeping.

They aren't sleeping.
You aren't sleeping.
We aren't sleeping.
Am I sleeping?

Is he sleeping?
Is she sleeping?
Is it sleeping?

Are they sleeping?
Are you sleeping?
Are we sleeping?




Use the information provided to form a
present continuous sentence or question.

1) He/walk/to school

     He walking to school.

     He is walking to school.

     He is walk to school.



2) Helen/sleep (negative)

     Helen is no sleeping.

     Helen no is sleeping.

     Helen isn't sleeping.



3) I/work/at the bank

     I am working at the bank.

     I working at the bank.

     I is working at the bank.



4) she/study/English (question)

     Studying she English?

     Is she studying English?

     Is she study English?



5) They/read/books

     They are reading books.

     They is reading books.

     They are read books.



6) Frank/clean/the house

     Frank is clean the house.

     Frank is cleaning the house.

     Frank cleaning the house.



7) Mark/work/at the factory (negative)

     Mark isn't working at the factory.

     Mark no is working at the factory.

     Mark not working at the factory.



8) You/talk/on the telephone (question)

     Are you talk on the telephone?

     Talking you on the telephone?

     Are you talking on the telephone?



9) I/study/Spanish (negative)

     I'm no studying Spanish.

     I isn't studying Spanish.

     I'm not studying Spanish.



10) They/paint/the house (negative)

     They isn't painting the house.

     They aren't painting the house.

     They no painting the house.




Writing Practice

Describe what people are doing. Write the "Writing Practice" in the comments section below.


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