Question Words

Description: Learn how to form questions with question words in English.


Video Transcript: Question words replace unknown information in a question. If a question word replaces the subject of a sentence, don't change the order of the words in the sentence when you form a question. The subject is the person or thing that does the action of the verb and usually comes before the verb - Who is in the house? Brenda is in the house. The object of the sentence is the person or thing that receives the action of the verb and usually comes after the verb. Form these questions according to the same rules as for yes/no questions. With the present tense verb teach, I use the word do to form a question. The question word goes at the beginning of the sentence. - What do they teach? They teach English.


Question Words
► Who - for people
► What - for things
► Where - for places
► When - for times (days, months, etc.)
► Why - for reason
► How - for manner
► Which - to select

Who is in the house?
Brenda is in the house.

No change in word order because
the question word replaces the subject.

What do they teach?
They teach English.




Replace the bold word with a question word and form a question.

1) Henry plays the guitar.

     Who does play the guitar?

     Who plays the guitar?

     Who does the guitar play?



2) Henry plays the guitar.

     What plays the guitar?

     What plays Henry?

     What does Henry play?



3) Sarah works at the bank.

     Where does Sarah work?

     Where Sarah works?

     Where Sarah does work?



4) It is a computer.

     What it is?

     What is it?

     What does is it?



5) The pencil is in the desk.

     Where the pencil is?

     Where is the pencil?

     Where the pencil does is?



6) We call Bob on the telephone.

     Who call we on the telephone?

     Who do we call on the telephone?

     Who call on the telephone?



7) Maria studies English.

     Who study English?

     Who does study English?

     Who studies English?



8) He leaves for school at 7:00.

     When does he leave for school?

     When he leaves for school?

     When leave he for school?



9) The girls write stories.

     What write the girls?

     What does the girls write?

     What do the girls write?



10) Jill has a jacket on because she is cold.

     Why does Jill have a jacket on?

     Why Jill has a jacket on?

     Why has Jill a jacket on?




Writing Practice

Write a question with each question word. Write the "Writing Practice" in the comments section below.


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