This, That, These and Those

Description: Learn how to use the words this, that, these, and those in English


Video Transcript: We use the word this for a close thing - This is a chair. We use the word that for a faraway thing - That is a chair. We use the word these for close things that are plural. These are books. We use the word those for faraway things that are plural - Those are books. Which would you use in these sentences?   _____ is a clock.   _____ are apples.   _____ is a desk.   _____ are trees.


This - singular
These - plural
Far away
That - singular
Those - plural




Select the sentence that best describes the picture.

1) clock

     This is a clock.

     These is a clock.

     Those is a clock.



2) apples

     This are apples.

     These are apples.

     Those are apples.



3) desk

     That is a desk.

     Those is a desk.

     These is a desk.



4) trees

     This are trees.

     That are trees.

     Those are trees.




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