This, That, These and Those

Description: Learn how to use the words this, that, these, and those in English


Video Transcript: We use the word this for a close thing - This is a chair. We use the word that for a faraway thing - That is a chair. We use the word these for close things that are plural. These are books. We use the word those for faraway things that are plural - Those are books. Which would you use in these sentences?   _____ is a clock.   _____ are apples.   _____ is a desk.   _____ are trees.


This - singular
These - plural
Far away
That - singular
Those - plural




Select the sentence that best describes the picture.

1) clock

     This is a clock.

     These is a clock.

     Those is a clock.



2) apples

     This are apples.

     These are apples.

     Those are apples.



3) desk

     That is a desk.

     Those is a desk.

     These is a desk.



4) trees

     This are trees.

     That are trees.

     Those are trees.




Writing Practice

Write one sentence using each of the demonstrative words (this, that, these, those). Write the "Writing Practice" in the comments section below.


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