Telling Time in English

Description: Learn how to ask for and tell the time in English.


Video Transcript: What time is it? It's one o'clock. What time is it? It's three oh five. What time is it? It's five ten. What time is it? It's six thirty. What time is it? It's three forty five.


What time is it?
1:00 - It's one o'clock.
3:05 - It's three oh five.
5:10 - It's five ten.
6:30 - It's six thirty.
3:45 - It's three forty five.




Select the correct time.

1) 5:00

     It's five clock.

     It's five o'clock.

     It's five oh clock.



2) 7:03

     It's seven three.

     It's seven zero three.

     It's seven oh three.



3) 6:13

     It's six thirteen.

     It's thirteen six.

     It's six one three.



4) 1:20

     It's one o'clock twenty.

     It's one twenty.

     It's one two zero.



5) 3:52

     It's three five two.

     It's three fifty-two.

     It's three o'clock fifty two.



6) 9:00

     It's nine zero.

     It's nine o'clock.

     It's nine oh clock.



7) 12:06

     It's one two oh six.

     It's twelve six.

     It's twelve oh six.



8) 5:30

     It's five thirty.

     It's five three zero.

     It's five thirty o'clock.



9) 8:10

     It's eight one oh.

     It's eight ten minutes.

     It's eight ten.



10) 11:00

     It's eleven clock.

     It's eleven o'clock.

     It's eleven oh zero.




Writing Practice

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