Yes/No Questions in English

Description: Learn how to form Yes/No questions in English.


Video Transcript: Yes/No questions are questions that you can answer with yes or no like Are you a teacher? Yes -or- Do you live in New York? No. With the verb to be you change the word order to make a question. The verb goes first and the subject second - She is a student. Is she a student? With present tense verbs if the subject refers to I, You, We or They, we use do then the subject and the verb in the basic form. If the subject refers to He, She or It, we use does then the subject and the verb in the basic form.


to be
She is a student. → Is she a student?
Present Tense
(I, You, We, They)
They play. → Do they play?

(He, She, It)
He plays. → Does he play?




Select the correct word.

1) He is a teacher.

     He is a teacher?

     He a teacher is?

     Is he a teacher?



2) They help the students.

     Is they help the students?

     Do they help the students?

     Does they help the students?



3) She rides a bicycle.

     Do she ride a bicycle?

     Is she ride a bicycle?

     Does she ride a bicycle?



4) The students read the books.

     Do the students read the books?

     Does the students read the books?

     Read the students the books?



5) She cooks the food.

     Does she cook the food?

     Does she cooks the food?

     Does she cooking the food?



6) Sarah drives the car.

     Do Sarah drives the car?

     Do Sarah drive the car?

     Does Sarah drive the car?



7) They are tired.

     Are they tired?

     Do they tired?

     Do they are tired?



8) Mark is a dentist.

     Is Mark a dentist?

     Does Mark is a dentist?

     Do Mark is a dentist?



9) The boys play baseball.

     Does the boys play baseball?

     Do the boys play baseball?

     Is the boys play baseball?



10) Ron walks to school.

     Do Ron walk to school?

     Does Ron walks to school?

     Does Ron walk to school?




Writing Practice

Write five Yes/No questions. Write the "Writing Practice" in the comments section below.


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